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Privacy Policy

Benedea's Privacy Policy

Benedea (“Benedea”, “we,” “us,” or “our”) is committed to respecting the privacy of your personal information as a user of our mobile application and extensions (the “Apps”) or a visitor to our website (the “Site”) and the associated services, including the our services provided by us through third party offerings, such as social networks or messaging applications (our Apps, the Site and the associated services are collectively called the “Services”).


This Privacy Policy explains what information Benedea collects from users through its Services and how we may use that information and addresses related questions. By registering for an online account with us, or using any of our Services, you agree and consent to this Privacy Policy.

Overview of the Benedea Services 

Benedea provides apps that can replaces the default keyboard on the user’s mobile device(s). The application uses a prediction engine that uses the input (strokes, dots, etc.) to guess the character which the user will ultimately select from a set of recommendations thus typing down Chinese and Japanese characters similar to the most widely used industry standards in East Asian character input methods. These inputs are also used to provide auto-corrections in the text typed by the user.


Information Collection

Our application does not forward any information outside the application. The application does collect two types of information that the app stores within itself locally. The first type is individual key strokes and the second type is which recommended words does the user select from the “autocompletion window”, which is the thin line above the keyboard that contains the word suggestions based on the input the user has typed.

This information is collected to improve the speed and the efficiency of the typing process in the future by helping the users’ preferred character(s) or word(s) are recommended sooner and can be selected more easily and have a seamless experience.

Opting Out

You can opt out from Benedea collecting information about your typing behavior by uninstalling the application.


Third-party keyboard warnings from your device manufacturer

Depending on your device, you may encounter a warning from your device’s manufacturer that a third-party keyboard such as Benedea might collect or log data during your use. This message might be prompted to you regardless whether a third-party keyboard has this function enabled or it is capable to do so. Such messages are common practices to protect the users from harm.


We (Benedea) are actively working on solutions to avoid collecting sensitive information such as email addresses and passwords, hence minimize your risk of exposure by malicious third parties.

Future Changes

This privacy policy is subject to change as Benedea will improve and expand its usability and applications. These changes will be logged here under our Privacy Policy. If changes are made in the Privacy Policy the users will be notified via either in app messages or update logs. This version of the Privacy Policy was released on our website,

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