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About Us


We are a software developing company located in Seoul, South Korea.
The name, 'Benedea' is a combination of two words, 'bene' and 'idea'.
'Bene' is a Latin word for "good", hence presents that we create software with our ideas to create good impacts for the world.


We strive to provide solutions for those who use or are learning and practicing Chinese character-based languages: Chinese and Japanese. 


1. Chinese Keyboard, Han

'Han' is a mobile input software that you can type simplified Chinese characters based on the patterns. You no longer have to convert the Roman alphabet pronunciations to the Chinese characters. You can switch freely between Han and pinyin input with just a click!

2. Japanese Keyboard, NiHan

'NiHan' is a mobile input software that you can type kanji with direct patterns. You can also switch freely between NiHan and romaji input
with just a click as well!

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