Get resources for your Chinese & Japanese language studies!

1. Chinese Language


Language Guidebook


Short Guides


Short Guide 1

Characters for Seasons!

Han_牛 (1).png

Short Guide 4

Characters about Animals!

2020_08_17_tian (1).png

Short Guide 7

More characters about Nature!

Han year character.PNG

Short Guide 10

Chinese characters about time!


Short Guide 13

Characters related to food/drinks!

wo han.PNG

Short Guide 2

Characters for People!

old_da (1).png

Short Guide 5

Characters about Amount/Size!

shortguide8 Han.PNG

Short Guide 8

Characters about Body!


Short Guide 11

Chinese words about places!


Short Guide 14

Words related to food/drinks!

number 1.PNG

Short Guide 3

Characters for Numbers!

2020_08_04_lin (1).png

Short Guide 6

Characters about Nature!

han_short guid 9.PNG

Short Guide 9

Chinese vocabulary about Time!


Short Guide 12

Words about objects at home!


Short Guide 15

Words related to school!

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2. Japanese Language


Language Guidebook


Short Guides

Hiragana_あ summary (1).png

Hiragana Guide 1

All basic Hiragana characters for your study, by each row!☺


Hiragana Guide 4

This is for the 2nd half of hiragana 拗音 [Yōon] and 促音 [Sokuon].

Katakana_ア row_VOCAB_1.png

Katakana Guide 3

Guide to vocabulary with Katakana [カタカナ] characters!

Hiragana_Dakuon_が summary.png

Hiragana Guide 2

This is about Hiragana Dakuon [濁音] and Handakuon [半濁音].

Katakana カタカナ.png

Katakana Guide 1

Here is the guide to basic Katakana [カタカナ] characters!


Katakana Guide 4

Guide to vocabulary with Katakana [カタカナ] characters!


Hiragana Guide 3

This if for the 1st half of hiragana 拗音 [Yōon].


Katakana Guide 2

Guide to Katakana [カタカナ] Dakuon & Handakuon characters!

nihan_short guide 5.PNG

Katakana Guide 5

Guide to the 1st half of Katakana Yōon [拗音] characters!

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