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Type and learn Chinese characters with Han 3.0 & NiHan

'Han 3.0' and 'NiHan' are keyboard input softwares that all Chinese characters can be typed by combination of graphic elements to let you type as you see the characters. 


Enjoy typing complicated characters in Chinese and Japanese languages with us. They are
now available on Google Play Store for Android phones. Click each icon to download!


Han 3.0 

for simplified Chinese characters

2020_08_20_Han_Full Image.png
NiHan Logo.png


for Japanese kanji characters

2020_08_20_NiHan_Full Image.png

After downloading from the Google Play Store, please install and activate Han or NiHan.

Click the info button for the visual instructions! 

A) Installation

Click [Settings] -> [General management] -> [Language and input] -> [On-screen keyboard] ->
[+Manage keyboards] -> Turn 'Han' or 'NiHan' on -> Click [OK]

B) When activating Han or NiHan

Go back to [On-screen keyboard] -> [Default keyboard] ->
Choose 'Han
' or 'NiHan' (Click other keyboard name to switch back)

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